5 September 2023

In the field of oceanography and marine science, gliders have become invaluable tools for collecting data on the world’s oceans. The GROOM Research Infrastructure data management system is a coordinated, robust, harmonised, sustainable and scalable infrastructure capable of managing the anticipated growing use of autonomous marine systems in Europe and the expansion of its observation capabilities. As the importance of data continues to grow, it is imperative to establish a solid and comprehensive framework for the management of this precious wealth of information.

This visionary document sets out a clear path for the future of data management, dividing its objectives into 3 distinct periods: paving the way within 1-2 years, building capability within 5 years, and leading the way within 10 years.

Let’s embark on this journey to understand the key objectives in each category:

Data Infrastructure: encompasses all the links in the data processing chain, from operators to OceanOPS, DAC and GDAS. It also includes the technologies used to support the data flow.

Tools and Services: covers format, software, data access and data visualisation. It also includes tools for measuring the performance of the GROOM RI data flow.

Network Management: plans the management, with the other players involved in the data system, of the various existing elements of the GROOM RI network.

Network Evolution: covers the new sensors, the new glider model and the extension to other autonomous marine systems.

Skills and Training: provides services to enhance the knowledge and skills of its members.

The GROOM RI User Community: builds a strong community of users, as it will encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between researchers and operators.



In short, the GROOM data management roadmap is a vision for the future of marine science. With a clear roadmap, we can ensure that glider data remains a vital resource for understanding our oceans and tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.

  As we embark on this journey, let’s work together to pave the way for a brighter, more informed future beneath the waves!