Distributed GROOM Research Infrastructure (GROOM RI)

GROOM RI is a distributed infrastructure, organized around a central hub which links all the nodes (click here to consult the Groom RI and the MAS European landscape), serves as an entry point to the RI and monitors the activity provided in the nodes.

External users, such as industry, scientists and other MRI, contact GROOM RI’s central hub who coordinates the joint actions of the different nodes. 

GROOM RI services

GROOM RI will assist partners with the implementation of protocols and capability to deploy, launch a mission, and recover MAS; as well as with the preparation and maintenance of these instruments.

GROOM RI will assist partners in the development of standardized protocols for instrument testing, integration of a new instrument into a MAS, as well as sensor calibration. This may be in the form of providing expert services and connecting with the best practices GROOM RI service.


GROOM RI will coordinate and support efforts to harmonize and standardize metadata and data (evolving and new formats) and help the uptake of gliders observations from wider user communities by collaborating with national data centers, global DACs and EU data aggregators.


GROOM RI will facilitate and take part in the establishment and evolution of best practices on the operations of MAS to incorporate them into the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS).


GROOM RI will provide resources to help manage open-source software repositories with software version control tools.

GROOM RI will maintain and increase skills around the partners, organizing targeted training (technical training on the MAS, metadata and data handling, mission planning etc.) and scanning the landscape for training opportunities with external bodies, to both offer and receive training.

GROOM RI will help to identify gaps of capacity/capability in the GROOM network, facilitating and fostering collaborations among GROOM partners and external institutions (if necessary) to fill those gaps by developing new ways of operating new technology, new legal frameworks.


GROOM RI will help to deploy or give access to piloting e-infrastructures of the RI partners to users. It will for example provide a catalogue of e-infrastructures (offering electronic services, networks, archives, databases and databanks) available at the partners level, facilitate joint collaborations and access to unique capabilities to support operations

GROOM RI will facilitate the coordination and implementation of baseline environmental surveys on water properties, operational met-ocean studies, and monitoring services for national governments, to estimate the environmental conditions of direct influence on coastal or offshore engineering projects and to select appropriate solutions to facilitate goal achievement (e.g. implementation of marine infrastructures, sustainability of marine protected area, etc.).

GROOM RI will foster industry cooperation by providing data, dedicated services and experimental facilities to the private sector. In addition, GROOM RI supports innovation by organizing training possibilities for industry stakeholders and co-developing components/instruments with the private sector.

GROOM RI will coordinate a joint approach to disseminating the work done by the Research Infrastructure and the partners, helping the partners to better communicate with the public while saving resources by taking a common approach.


GROOM RI will leverage its position in the European landscape to collaborate with other Research Infrastructures and networks (Ocean Observation integration). It will help the partners to coordinate within other frameworks (e.g. EuroGOOS GTT) and connect with other European stakeholders as well as other global Research Infrastructures (e.g. link to the GOOS and GCOS via the Observation Coordination Group).


 GROOM RI will support and facilitate the partners in fulfilling diplomatic clearances and other legal matters (e.g. shipment regulations) around Marine Autonomous Systems operations. This may be in the form of providing expert services and connecting with the best practices GROOM RI services.

GROOM RI will coordinate everyday purchases on behalf of the partners to get more competitive offers from companies providing hardware (gliders, sensors …) and services (Iridium, Argos, AIS …)