WP#D#Deliverable nameLeadTypeDissemination LevelDate SubmittedDownloads
WP1D1.1Quality Assurance PlanARMINESRPU17 Mar 2021D1.1
WP1D1.2Data Management PlanARMINESRPU05 Oct 2021D1.2
WP1D1.3Dissemination and Exploitation PlanARMINESRPU23 Jul 2021D1.3
WP1D1.4Dissemination and Outreach ReportARMINESRPU31 Mar 2022
WP1D1.5Policy brief and fact sheets on the design of the GROOM RIARMINESRPU04 Jul 2022D1.5
WP1D1.6Final Conceptual Design Report on the GROOM RIARMINESRPU
WP2D2.1GROOM RI access policy and rulesNOC CLGRPU20 Feb 2024D2.1
WP2D2.2Integration of the GROOM RI at European and Global levelMIRPU22 Feb 2024D2.2
WP2D2.3GROOM RI scientific and technical training and capacity buildingPLOCANRPU18 Dec 2023D2.3
WP3D3.1Governance and legal aspectsARMINESRPU05 Apr 2024D3.1
WP3D3.2Financial sustainability at Regional, National and EU levelsHCMRRPU04 Apr 2024D3.2
WP3D3.3Financial sustainability with industryPMM - TVTRPU25 Jan 2023
WP4D4.1Report on plans for an EU contribution to OceanGliders, the GOOS/GCOS and EOOS, and data delivery on a sustained basisGEOMARRPU26 Mar 2024D4.1
WP4D4.2Whitepaper on the GROOM RI position in EOOSHCMRRPU26 Mar 2024D4.2
WP4D4.3Report on the GROOM RI in contributing to statutory monitoring frameworks and maritime/naval informationNOC CLGRPU29 Jan 2024D4.3
WP5D5.1Glider services for public and private needsCSCSRPU12 Jan 2024
WP5T5.1Key societal benefits of a sustained glider infrastructure CSCSRPU12 Jan 2024Key societal benefits of a sustained glider infrastructure
WP5D5.2Ensuring continued evolution of glider servicesPMM - TVTRPU21 Jun 2023
WP6D6.1Technology roadmap of the GROOM RINOC CLGRPU29 Mar 2024D6.1
WP6D6.2Data management roadmap for the GROOM RICNRSRPU15 Feb 2024D6.2
WP6D6.3Best Practices for Data Management, Operations, Maintenance and Fault ReportingCSCSRPU24 Feb 2025D6.3
WP6D6.4Interfaces and methodologies for mission planning and executionUPORTO/NOCRPU05 Feb 2024D6.4
WP7D7.1POPD - Requirement No. 1ARMINESRPU07 Jul 2021