GROOM II project’s goal is to structure a sustainable marine research network at European level

The Gliders for Research, Ocean Observations and Management: Infrastructure and Innovation (GROOM II) is a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project started in October 2020 and ends in September 2023.

Its consortium consists of 14 European partners from 12 countries, including large national marine research organizations and technological platforms, universities, and private companies. 

GROOM II will focuses on:

The consortium is drafting its business model and its coordination plan with other Marine Research Infrastructure carefully.

This will ensure GROOM II becomes a long-lasting major actor in the Research field.  

To be sustainable, the Glider European Research Infrastructure (GERI) is addressing these 3 key points.

On the technical aspect, GROOM II is building on best practices from the previous GROOM project and other MRI.

The consortium  is working closely with external scientific experts to design the technology roadmap of the Research Infrastructure.

As for the legal side, GROOM II partners are working with national and European institutional stakeholders. Their aim is to define how a Marine Research Institute will effectively operate and coordinate at the European level.

For the financial framework, the consortium will rely on its link with the BlueTech Cluster Alliance on one hand, and with regional, national, and European institutional stakeholders on the other hand. Financial sustainability will be aimed through workshops that will help define stakeholders’ needs.

To develop research coordination at the European level, the consortium collaborates with all stakeholders. For example, GROOM II partners are cooperating with the Black Sea Consortia to perform a glider system design study. Partners participate in various international events like EuroFleets 2021 and ICRI 2021 to introduce the GERI design and develop synergies with other scientific marine institutes as EuroGOOS.

The future GROOM RI will have to be of value to industrial players. It is the reason why an Industry Advisory Group for Marine Autonomous Systems (IAG – MAS) has been created.

The objectives of the group are to :

The Industrial group is discussing key challenges related to the integration of the Research Infrastructure into industry during workshops spread across the entire life of GROOM II project.