5 February 2024

In order to develop a decarbonised European Ocean Observing capacity, autonomy and remote operation are becoming more and more central and already play a key role to monitor our seas & oceans. This short article on CORDIS gives a concise and precise overview of GROOM II, highlighting how GROOM RI will tackle the need for a European RI fostering MAS capacities at EU level.

“These agile and cost-efficient vehicles can carry scientific payloads even under 6 000 metres. But to exploit all the advantages of these assets, it is necessary to have an infrastructure capable of meeting different demands – from marine research and monitoring to public services and industry needs.”

This article also states that the work produced to design the future GROOM RI has lead to a successful proposal for the AMRIT project that will start in March 2024.

“GROOM RI’s vision and work has also led to the creation of a new project, named Advance Marine Research Infrastructures Together (AMRIT), which aims to be the cornerstone of the European Ocean Observing System, integrating key services from all European Marine Research Infrastructures for ocean observation within a single framework open to all users.”

Find more on https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/448431-european-research-infrastructure-opens-new-possibilities-to-observe-the-marine-world?WT.mc_id=exp