11 March 2022

European Glider Data Management Workshop

by GROOM RI - EuroSea - EuroGOOS

June 20-24 and July 5-8 2022

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The event will be fully virtual, and sessions will be asynchronous and spread out during the two weeks


Since the last international data management meeting in Genova 5 years ago, the glider community has continuously grown in Europe and organized itself to provide, in a harmonized way, high level quality glider data set in real time to the ocean science community in general. Since then, the number of available data sets at the European GDAC has grown significantly.

In the context of the GROOM II project, EuroSea and EuroGOOS glider task team, and based on the outcome of the OceanGliders Best Practice Workshop held in May 2021, we are organizing a joint workshop to continue to improve the management of glider data and metadata in Europe. This workshop is an important milestone to design together a road map for glider data management in Europe.

Conscious of the importance of improving the European practices regarding glider data management, and the importance of this topic to improve of glider data services in Europe, the objectives of the meeting are:

The meeting will be held in virtual mode with multiple sessions during two weeks : 

          Click here to see the agenda of the first week.

          Click here to see the agenda of the second week.

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