13:30 15:30

Engagement of the GROOM RI with nations from Europe (Johannes Kartensen – GEOMAR, Ulpu Leijala – FMI and Paul Gaughan – MI)

Open to general public upon invitation.

Duration: 2 hours incl. 15 min break

Rationale for the workshop: The GROOM RI is expected to provide services to its members but also must be open for collaboration and possible interested parties from outside the GROOM RI. These interested parties may be attracted by operations of the GROOM RI or services indirectly linked to the GROOM RI (e.g. making use of data that stems from GROOM RI operations).


  • Workshop objectives & Expected output
  • GROOM RI Mission and Vision

Research Infrastructure perspective (short presentations given by invited speakers, utilizing “Research Infrastructures template” – 8’):

  • Gliders in JERICO (Laurent Delauney / IFREMER, France)
  • Gliders in EMSO (Mafalda Carapuço / IPMA, Portugal)
  • Gliders in ICOS-OTC (Tobias Steinhoff / GEOMAR, Germany)
  • Gliders and EuroFLEETS (Niamh Flavin / Marine Institute, Ireland)
  • Discussion & Wrap-up (Paul Gaughan) 10’

Countries & organisations perspective (short presentations given by invited speakers, utilising “Countries template”)

  • Black Sea DOORS project opportunities for gliders (Adrian Stanica / GeoEcoMar) 8’
  • EuroGOOS & EOOS perspective on glider contribution to European observing (Inga Lips / EuroGOOS AISBL) 8’

Break (15′)

Countries & organisations perspective (continues)

  • Selected countries (5’):
    • UK (Karen Heywood / UEA, UK)
    • Italy (Elena Mauri / OGS, Italy)
    • Estonia (Urmas Lips / TTU, Estonia)
  • Discussion & Wrap-up (Pierre Testor) 10’

Warmly welcome to participate in the workshop!